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Improve productivity and collaboration

Eliminate repetitive and redundant processes to allow your employees to grow and reduce the risk of your business operating in silos.

Streamline and integrate processes

Automate business operations and integrate data sources across all departments as your business grows.

Accurate forecasting and reporting

Make realistic estimates and effective forecasts while presenting complex data in an understandable manner.

Customer experiences and competitiveness

Create exceptional customer experiences by having faster and accurate access to information about your customers and introducing marketing automation.

The intelligent
enterprise advantage

The Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy that allows you to transform data into action across all lines of business – driving process automation and innovation, unlocking new areas of growth, and delivering exceptional experiences.

The reference to “Intelligent Enterprise” of today does not mean to imply that business in the past was conducted in an unimaginative fashion. It is however, a term invented to refer to the possibilities that modern data availability creates, in shaping the outcome of embedded and standard processes, used in everyday business.

The Intelligent Enterprise equips businesses to listen to real-time sentiment and combine it with operational data to understand how to improve customer, employee, product and brand experiences. It is able provide early and continuous visibility on profitability, capital employment, the right mix of inventory items etc. In addition, it can open up new lines of business by anticipating new trends and customer preferences, in a rapid fashion.

Pioneers in Africa

The choice of ERP is as significant as choosing your life partner. At G3G we understand this relationship between business and its underlying systems very well. We undertake this journey with you throughout life-cycle changes, challenges, growth pains, and whatever business life places at your door. Some of our valued customers have been part of the G3G extended family since the inception of SAP Business One, telling stories of growth, renewal, expansion and passing the baton to the next generation. Throughout such business-life realities, we journey with you, growing your business solution to suit your business’s current needs.



Assign QR code to marketing documents

SAP Business One introduces the functionality allowing you to generate and assign a QR code to marketing documents for item identification and marketing.

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