By integrating production planning, inventory management, and warehouse management, the better and faster you’re able to deliver innovations that meet your customer’s individual requirements. Learn how you can do all this and more with G3G’s software and services package, G3G S/4 Manufacturing.

Manufacturers know all too well how moving from a mass-market model to a customer-centric strategy will impact the way a company goes to market. An evolution must take place in the supply chain environment to satisfy rapidly changing external requirements while meeting your internal business objectives.

G3G’s S/4 Manufacturing package has everything you need to compete in the digital economy:

  • Real-time production, procurement, and inventory statuses so you can factor even late-breaking demand signals into planning decisions.
  • Visibility into slow-moving items, supplier lead times, and production patterns, supporting decisions – such as procurement schedule changes – that can increase inventory turnover.
  • Ability to instantly execute goods movement and back-flush update processes for faster, more accurate re-planning and order promising.
  • Ability to propagate changes – such as supply disruptions or higher-than-forecasted demand – up and down the supply chain – to detect imbalances and simulate alternatives.

If you’d like to learn how you could be up and running in as little as ten weeks, please get in touch.