Our clients have identified the need for Payroll, Human Resources, Finance, Logistics and Analytics on a subscription-based model delivered and supported by a single entity on the ground-breaking SAP’s next generation business suite, S/4HANA. Simple!

Within the Professional Services sector, people and money are the two most important priorities for the business. However, HR and Finance leaders are often driven by different perspectives. These differences translate to differing working models and application characteristics. HR applications are optimised for employee/casual user experience, expecting constant change, while Finance applications are professional expert-user-optimised, accepting only controlled pace of change. This makes it difficult to combine insights for the business.

To drive the right business decisions, you need a joint view across HR and Finance.

Adopt innovation at scale, your way:

– Best practice cloud or on-premise solutions

– Across SAP’s solution portfolio

– Integrating Success Factors, S/4HANA and Payroll

– Based on proven business best practices

– Simple to deploy with a proven methodology

– At predictable time and efforts

– Delivered by Epi-Use and G3G

– Operated as a subscription model

– Best practice cloud or on-premise solutions

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