As companies evolve into the digital age, CFO’s are now being called to step up from data caretakers to information analysts.

From drowning in data and making decisions based on inefficient, multiple, often outdated versions of ‘the truth’, we help CFO’s get increased visibility of costs, and identify valuable insights to drive the company’s growth and profitability.

Signs you’re ready for digital evolution:

  1. You currently get finance metrics from multiple spreadsheets and systems
  2. You don’t have one single trusted version of your company data in real-time
  3. You need deeper insights from your data to support more decision-making and strategy
  4. You want access to accurate finance data in a form that’s easy to understand and drill down into

If you identify with any of these, it’s probably time to evolve your role and transform your company. Instead of using historical data analysis, move to predictive analytics to drive innovation and growth.

Our 2-page white paper The Evolving Role of the CFO, gives a good overview of the CFO’s changing needs and introduces S/4 Professional Services – G3G’s solution offer which has been specifically designed for Professional Services companies who want to rapidly execute Finance Digital Transformations in a matter of weeks, not years.

The white paper also contains details of an exclusive offer that you will get value from, whether or not you end up choosing G3G as your digital transformation partner.

To give you some background, G3G has for over 20 years been helping Professional Services companies run their business more effectively and deliver operational value. Our industry experienced consultants understand what’s possible for you and how to get you there.

If you’d like to take advantage of our offer and/or would like to find out more about S/4 Professional Services, then please get in touch.