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SAP Business One

Move to SAP Business One Cloud

Based on the McKinsey Global Survey of Executives from October 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic and local issues, such as the supply of reliable electricity, have accelerated the adoption of Cloud technology and e-Commerce solutions by three to four years.

To stay competitive in the current business and economic environment requires new strategies and practices, and technology has taken a seat at the table as a critical component of the business.

As technology advances, more businesses are moving their current services, applications, and platforms to the cloud. By doing so, they experience an increase in productivity, coupled with fewer IT issues and a saving in IT costs. A fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, such as SAP Business One Cloud, will allow you to successfully run your business in real-time, from anywhere, while maintaining the integrity of your company.

SAP Business One Cloud is an affordable, integrated ERP solution that scales as your company grows, allowing you to run your business 24/7, while driving profit. From financials and sales to inventory and production, SAP Business One gives you access to real-time data from all areas of your business.

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    What does SAP Business One Cloud bring to your business?

    G3G Retail Back Office Solution


    Have complete visibility and control while preventing the loss of information and ensuring data security.

    SAP Customer Checkout

    Cost Saving

    Spend more time running your business and less money, time and resources on server maintenance and infrastructure.

    SAP Maintenance and Licencing

    Remote Access

    Access all your key business information on-demand worldwide, simply by using an internet connection.

    SAP Business One Bespoke Development


    A scalable solution that grows as your business grows, allowing you to meet the constantly changing demands of your business.