Entering the return request information from customers manually into a return request document in SAP Business One, verifying the data, and informing customers about the request’s status, is a time-consuming process.

With FP 2208, SAP Business One introduces the Return Request Process Automation, enabling sellers (“processors”) to simply confirm an automatically created return request based on validated customer input data. Then, a predefined, customised e-mail is sent automatically to the customer (“requester”) with an update about the return request status.

Return Request process automation

This is a best practice project template for SAP Build Process Automation. The process is triggered by an API call that receives the return request data. Here are the steps in the process:

  • The customer (“requestor”) initiates a return request by submitting the Invoice Number, Invoice Posting Date, Item Number and Quantity, Return Reason, and contact details to an external online form, which calls the SAP Build Process Automation API.
  • The submitted data is validated by process automation against the data in SAP Business One.
  • If one of the entered details is incorrect (e.g., the invoice number cannot be found) a rejection email is sent immediately to the customer.
  • Once the complete data is validated, the return request is automatically created based on the A/R invoice, and the SAP Business One user receives an email notification to confirm the task in the My Inbox app in SAP Build Process Automation. The task also includes a direct link to the created return request document in the Web Client for SAP Business One.
  • If the data validation fails, or the process could not be completed due to a technical reason, an email notification is sent to the processor with the following options:
    • Create the return request manually and then confirm or reject the request, or
    • Reject the return request without creating the return request document. If the processor rejects the return request, an email is sent to the requestor with the reason for the rejection.
  • If the processor confirms the return request, an email notification indicating that the product can be returned is sent to the customer. In SAP Business One, on the Logistic Tab of the return request record, the status of the Confirmed field is changed to “Yes”.

Watch the video to learn more:

To summarise, adopting the SAP Build Process Automation may help you leverage SAP Business One, increase efficiency, reduce manual error on a daily basis, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Source: SAP Business One Community Blogs