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G3G Retail Back Office Solution

G3G Retail Back Office

G3G Retail Back Office Solution

Bringing the back office to the front office

REBOS (Retail Back Office Solution) is an extension to SAP Business One that receives all the daily transactional data from any store and creates the necessary bookkeeping entries in SAP Business One. It is an automated and intelligent application that manages all postings and related reconciliations and is built to process large volumes of transactional data.

REBOS is specifically tailored for the retail environment with functionalities such as Daily Cash-up and Direct Purchases. The Statement Import and Reconciliation completes the picture and the built-in Management Reporting templates provide you with a 360-degree view and assurance of a fully reconciled set of accounts.

Key Features

Real-time integration

With full transactional resolution, the benefits of a fully reconciled set of accounts can be unlocked.

Automated reconciliation

The import and automated reconciliation against full transactional resolutions assure that the store received what is billed, typically by the principal.

Subscription based cloud solution

Remove the need for IT infrastructure and related costs with the peace of mind that the solution is maintained and kept up to date.

Scalable solution

Utilizing an intelligent ERP engine, you can have confidence that your business has the correct foundation to grow with you.

Fully integrated with store processes

Eliminate the need for retrospective capturing, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

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