G3G is pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership with BEST, a great team who develop, implement and support SAP certified add-on modules that provide cost effective benefits to companies that run SAP. We will be representing all the BEST Modules which include Automated Supplier Recons, General Ledger Recons & General Ledger Clearing, with a strong focus on the new General Ledger Modules that automate the balance sheet reconciliation process in SAP.

The team at BEST comprises product designers and developers, as well as product implementation and support specialists. They pride themselves on applying a strong project management methodology to implement their SAP add-on modules and providing on-going support to clients.

BEST, who are based in South Africa, joined G3G at our recent VIBE LIVE event at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge. Henry Curtis, Solution Architect from BEST, presented the BEST Modules showing how the balance sheet reconciliations procedure in SAP can be fully automated using the BEST GL Clearing and BEST GL Recon Modules. He discussed balance sheet reconciliation best practices and how standardisation across your organisation can not only reduce time spent on your month end but can also greatly enhance your reconciliation process controls framework.

In the diagram below, you can see how BEST enables you to improve, monitor and control your entire month end reconciliation process – all within SAP. This allows for a quicker month end close, increased coverage, significant cost savings – and all completely paperless.

To find out more please get in touch.