Many of the CFOs we meet with say they really struggle to find the time they need to focus on strategy. They’re completely swamped with managing the company’s financial resources; controlling spending, meeting revenue targets and minimising risk. These necessary, yet time-consuming, tasks can trap CFOs into the constricted role of financial custodian and severely limit their ability to do the business planning needed to ensure growth and longevity. Of course, efficiency and strong financial management are essential in creating a robust business. However, providing quality products or services and running a tight ship is no longer a guaranteed formula for ensuring a company’s continued success.

The rapid pace of technology has lowered barriers to entry in many markets, making competition fiercer than ever. In today’s, and tomorrow’s, economy it’s the companies who are most adaptable and capable of innovation who are the ones who will truly thrive. Ageing ERP can’t support the innovation or provide the business insight required in the modern marketplace. Many organisations are held back by their legacy systems which restrict their ability to increase margin and maintain a competitive edge.

We’re supporting CFOs with advanced ERP technology that enables them to move beyond transaction capture and risk management. What is possible now with Cloud ERP was only dreamt of ten years ago. We are now in the era of intelligent financial management.

Modern Cloud ERP incorporates technologies such as automation and Artificial Intelligence for greater efficiencies. This in turn frees the finance function to support the business with more strategic, value-add tasks. Embedded analytics and digital assistants give real-time insight and drive better decision-making. CFOs can more deeply understand the business environment, predict the impact of decisions and confidently navigate their organisations towards a strong, successful future.

Find out more in our 30-minute CFO Briefing at 11:00am (British Summer Time) on Thursday, April 16, 2020 – click here to register. This focused webinar will give you the key facts on how Cloud ERP makes it possible for CFOs to achieve greater efficiencies, drive innovation, predict future scenarios and do business in real-time. You will also have the chance to consult with our experts in the Q&A.