Move fields around? Check. Hide irrelevant fields? You got it! Assign different templates to different users? Piece of cake. The UI (User Interface) Configuration Template is a powerful tool allowing you to customise forms according to your business and user’s needs. If you are familiar with the function, you know that making the changes in the relevant forms is quite straightforward. However, finding the form you want to adjust is not that easy. To enhance user experience, SAP Business One introduces the sorted list of forms in the UI Configuration Template window:

UI Configuration Template

Located under the “Forms” tab, the available forms are listed alphabetically. To quickly locate a specific form, type its first few characters and you’ll be positioned on the first value in the list that matches your input.

Available in Web Client for SAP Business One 10.0, and SAP Business One 10.0 version for SAP HANA. Please get in touch if you would like to upgrade to version 10.0.

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Source: Ari Schapira | SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week