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Custom Extensions

SAP Business One Bespoke Development

Developing custom extensions for your unique processes

Although SAP Business One ships with best practices for SMEs, occasionally your organisation has a process requirement not available in SAP Business One, or not available to a required resolution. G3G has the capability to create custom extensions for SAP Business One.

Business One is immensely scalable, not only in size but also in process sophistication. When it comes to process sophistication or resolution, the first port of call is to review potential specialist extensions by accredited SAP Business One Information Service Providers (ISP’s). These come with the benefit of SAP certification in many cases and with reviewable roadmaps. In principle, it offers best practices for SMEs for a particular specialised process or functional area, on a global basis.

Yet, occasionally even these mainstream solutions are not sufficient for your business’s specific requirements. This is where G3G’s custom extension development provides solutions that are specific to customer requirements, often in the context of local business practices.

G3G has been creating custom extensions for SAP Business One in various industries throughout the lifecycle. In the process, Business One has seen some underlying technology and architecture changes and has adapted with the times. Going forward more of these changes are lying in the immediate future. G3G’s development team keeps abreast of these newer technologies and ensures that new Business One extensions are built to the latest architectural requirements with a few on “future-proofing” the solution.

Custom solutions are also maintained and kept up to date, as SAP Business One cycles through its life cycle to newer versions.

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