Remember math class in school? If you are a math fan, you would probably agree that one of the greatest things about it is that (most of the time) there is only one correct answer, but you can get to the answer in so many ways. Creating marketing documents is similar to solving equations – there are many ways to get it done correctly. For example, some businesses use the item numbers as the lead and others use BP catalog numbers. For those of you who work with bar codes, the Web Client for SAP Business One supports using bar codes as the lead in document lines:

SAP Business One Bar Codes

You can use the bar code column the same way as the item number – it supports manual typing, autocompletes, and opens that choose from list dialog when needed. Once selecting the relevant value, the respective data such as Item Number, Item Description, Unit Price, etc. is populated accordingly in the respective cells.

Available in the Web Client for SAP Business One 10.0 FP2202, and SAP Business One 10.0 FP2202, version for SAP HANA.

Please get in touch if you would like to upgrade to version 10.0.

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Source: SAP Business One Community Blogs